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Udemy - Salesforce Einstein Discovery – Easy AI and Machine Learning

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Name:Udemy - Salesforce Einstein Discovery – Easy AI and Machine Learning


Salesforce has done it again. They are taming the complexity of Artificial Intelligence, enabling you to make massive amounts of decisions and discover patterns in reams of data, all with clicks instead of code.

This course is for the absolute beginner to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science. If you are feeling overwhelmed by either the tsunami of data that you are tasked with trying to make sense out of, or overwhelmed by the tsunami of media coverage around Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Science, and Machine Learning, I am here to share a competitive advantage.

There is an AI and Data Discovery platform that can be constructed and configured with clicks instead of code. That platform? Salesforce Einstein. The disruptive power of this is that Artificial Intelligence is now available to the masses, and not just to the quants and data scientists among us. You can now not only catch the competition, but leap frog past them, by leveraging Salesforce Einstein as your On-Demand Data Scientist.

Salesforce is the revolutionary company that disrupted the IT Industry with the advent Cloud Computing. What started as a cloud-based CRM system is now a best-in-breed, world class enterprise platform-as-a-service for Marketing, Sales, Service, eCommerce, Health, Government, IoT, and now AI, with the release of Salesforce Einstein.

In this course, we will work through the core concepts of Artificial Intelligence, in plain English. From there, we will work through signing up for a free Salesforce Einstein account (that you can keep for life) that has the new Salesforce Einstein AI engine enabled. This deep learning engine is a historic breakthrough on the computing capabilities of AI and are accessible to the masses by way of clicks instead of code.

We will then work through several different practice exercises and modules to get you hands on experience with building enterprise level apps with AI baked right in. There is no coding required – you can build AI enabled apps with clicks instead of code, thanks to being able to leverage the Salesforce Einstein AI framework. I will show you how in this quick and fun course that will get you well on your way to becoming an AI expert.

Are you ready to become an AI developer? Let’s get started immediately!
Who this course is for:

   Anyone interested in learning about Artificial Intelligence
   Anyone wanting to learn how to use Salesforce Einstein without being an Einstein


   You need a computer with an Internet connection
   You need a desire to learn Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Discovery
   You need to be someone looking for an easier and faster way to learn and do AI rather than rotting away in a school for years

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